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Conception & Engineering Design Office

The aim of the engineering department consists of developing upon demand new products and systems that conform to current standards, local regulations and client specifications. Coldway Technologies engineering department is thus able to respond to our clients’ specific demands by rapidly estimating the performance of the solution as well as controlling operating costs.

Our expertise

  • Aeraulic and Thermal Apparatus
  • Temperature control
  • Design, Mechanisms and Strength of materials
  • Vacuum techniques, pressurised equipment
  • Electronic Hardware & Software
  • Mechatronics
  • Thermochemical from material to process

Characterisation bank for refrigeration units

This unique approach is exclusive to Coldway Technologies and allows them :

  • 1.To measure the power and energy achieved and to determine the thermal exchanges.
  • 2.To characterise all the components in the loop (all the elements that make up the refrigeration unit).
  • 3.To develop and control the reactive material at the heart of this technology.

Prototype Workshop

  • Aeraulic and Exchanger Apparatus
  • Electronic architecture
  • Solid-gas sorption system
  • Structure and mechanisms

Project developments (customisation of project – OEM)

  • Project management and cost control
  • Scheduling
  • Design review
  • Co design

Bring the Coldway technology into your projects

Does your industrial process have refrigeration needs with temperature constraints, which may be challenging in terms of autonomy and power output? Our solid-gas sorption units were primarily designed to meet cold chain requirements, but are capable of instantaneous response to power demands and energy storage in other fields.

Certifications and undertakings


  • Manufacture of Refrigeration Units
  • Assembly of Refrigeration units
  • Operation of Refrigeration Units
  • Request of ATP certificates
  • Our entire range of units are listed ATP A class


  • The whole range is PIEK certified as a component
  • Certibruit registered membership
See acoustic performance


  • Committed to the Cémafroid ECLER programme
  • Cémafroid labelling agreement on-going practice for controlled temperature transport equipment


  • Vibrations and shock tests
  • Testing laboratory : ILLIPACK
  • References of test standards : ISTA 1G et ISTA 3E
See the resistance tests


  • Our entire range is CE certified under number 0060 (APAVE surveillance).

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