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  • The solid-gas sorption system

The process developed by COLDWAY TECHNOLOGIES is based on the principle of a basic chemical reaction between ammonia and a mixture of salts and graphite, all contained in stainless steel cylinders. These reactive elements – ammonia, salts and graphite – are fully and hermetically isolated in the factory circuit and need no additional refill. This makes the system totally inaccessible, therefore safe and perfectly secure. No maintenance whatsoever is necessary on the unit itself, which has consistently displayed a high level of reliability.

3000 cycles have been recorded with no loss of power (life span > 10 years).

The solid-gas sorption system is made up of three elements:

  • A cylinder containing the reactive material (salts and graphite)
  • An evaporator containing liquid ammonia
  • A connection valve between the two tanks. It functions in two phases : the first is the cold and/or heat production process (Phase 1) and the second involves regeneration and energy storage (Phase 2).

Phase 1 | Refrigeration mode

On opening the valve, the ammonia evaporates inside the tank and produces refrigeration, while the gas is absorbed by the salts in the reactor thus generating heat. This immediate production of cold and heat can have an amplitude of –40°C to over 200°C. The production of heat and cold can be activated at any time, anywhere and without any plugging-in being necessary. This production is soundless and without any vibration.

Phase 2 | Regeneration and energy storage

Once the ammonia has evaporated entirely, the production of heat and cold stops and the system can be recharged with an external heat input from a variety of energy sources – electric, solar, industrial heat recovery, etc which promotes the condensation of the ammonia. Once regenerated, the solid gas sorption system will keep the energy stored, ready to be used again. The cycle is reversible ad infinitum as the tests carried out by Coldway demonstrate. During these tests, several million cycles of production and recharging were carried out.

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