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Today’s technology needs to respond to economic and ecological issues because of the new environmental constraints. The development of regulations regarding HFCs at European and international levels has had a major economic impact on companies dependant on refrigeration production. The Coldway Technologies solutions provide an adapted and flexible response to all companies that wish to anticipate future regulation, to simplify the management of their fleet of trucks, or indeed to reduce their operational costs.

No carbon emissions

Coldway - No carbon emissions

The system does not use compressor refrigeration technology. Major town centres are increasingly being closed to internal combustion vehicles and the struggle against global warming requires the progressive abandonment of HFCs with a targeted reduction in their consumption by 2030.

Long shelf life

Coldway - Long shelf life

The design and the resistance of the materials used make Coldway Technologies’ solid-gas sorption system capable of a long working life, free from any programmed obsolescence. The unit has no moving parts as the reaction occurs in a hermetically closed circuit without loss of power. To date, over 3,000 cycles have been performed, corresponding to about 10 years of cycles (cold production and recharge).

No noise pollution

Coldway - No noise pollution

The units in the Coldway Technologies range are all certified PIEK with sound levels well below the 60dB(A) norm.

See acoustic performance

Natural refrigerant

Coldway - Natural refrigerant

R717, ammonia is one of only two natural refrigerants listed in government HFC alternatives. Because of their strong contribution to global warming, European regulations (European F-Gas Regulation) organize the gradual phase-out of HFCs through a mechanism of degressive quotas and sectoral bans. This regulation also provides for absolute bans for certain fluids, including R404A, which is still hegemonic in refrigerated transport and should disappear in the coming years.

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