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Coldway Technologies exhibits at MOVE London

Coldway Technologies will present its disruptive refrigeration technology at the Move trade show in London on 11 - 12 February. 100% self-contained, 100% eco-friendly and adaptable to any type of vehicle, scooter or tricycle, come and discover refrigeration of the future with efficient and sustainable urban delivery.

Decongesting city centres

While in recent years, metropolitan areas have by and large succeeded in streamlining the flow of traffic and people, the transport of goods still needs to be optimised.

Last-mile logistics is the most difficult to manage:

  • the boom of e-commerce has dramatically increased home deliveries,
  • the growth of retail outlets in metropolitan areas, which themselves are setting up local services, is significantly increasing delivery flows, especially deliveries of products via the cold chain (food products or medicines).

This is not without its problems in city centres, already invaded by delivery vans and plagued by congestion, loud noise, and pollution. The first to be impacted are ultimately those living in cities, whose quality of life is at risk.

Rethinking the urban deliveries of tomorrow

In 2050, it is estimated that 68% of the global population will live in metropolitan areas, compared to 55% today. The impact will be considerable in the major urban centres.

Given this situation and the magnitude of the environmental challenges, we urgently need to find green solutions to relieve congestion in city centres, while meeting the service needs expected by those living there.

A self-contained, eco-friendly refrigeration system, adaptable to any type of vehicle

Can you imagine one day being able to deliver frozen, fresh or hot products, with zero risk, at any time of day or night, with no noise or pollution?

This is what makes the technology developed by Coldway Technologies possible: a completely self-contained and eco-friendly refrigeration production system, which can be fitted to any type of vehicle, scooter, tricycle or bicycle.

This refrigeration technology is unique:

  • Self-contained for up to 24 hours,
  • Hot or cold products between -18°C and +25°C,
  • Completely silent, (Piek standard – Certibruit certified),
  • Robust and durable (more than ten years of production cycles with no loss of performance), only low maintenance is required,
  • Adaptable, the system is completely independent of the vehicle and its batteries if it is electric.

This 100% self-contained and 100% eco-friendly refrigeration system provides a unique and innovative solution to facilitate “last mile” deliveries in city centres, with no noise or pollution.

Come and see it on 11 - 12 February at the Move trade show in London, the biggest trade show dedicated to urban mobility. 


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