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Welcome to the new Coldway Technologies website

SOFRIGAM GROUP and its entity Coldway Technologies are very proud to announce the launch of the new coldway.com website this Thursday, 17 September. All the expertise, innovation and technology of this 21st-century autonomous refrigeration system will be presented. The refrigeration of the future is now a reality, and it intends to be resolutely responsible and environmentally-friendly. Explanation.


Autonomous, mobile, quiet and durable, the Coldway Inside refrigeration system is an eco-friendly technology that is completely carbon-free.

Not only does it facilitate the last mile delivery under cold chain in city centres, but it also provides:

  • an adapted response to the problems of urban delivery,
  • an alternative to the new regulations governing refrigerants.


Used for more than 15 years in markets where stringency and rigor are required, such as the health, food and automotive fields, the refrigeration system developed by Coldway Technologies also offers broad application prospects with manufacturers who put the environment and mobility at the heart of their concerns.

Discover the Coldway Inside technology via explanations and diagrams: https://coldway.com/en/technologies-RD


The entire Coldway Technologies team is very pleased to welcome you on this new website and wishes you a pleasant navigation in the heart of the autonomous cold of the 21st century.

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